Announcing My Lightroom mobile Fuel Ebook!

LRmobile 150pxAdobe released Lightroom mobile for iPad last night, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve written a brand new ebook for Peachpit Press covering it: Adobe Lightroom mobile: Your Lightroom on the Go.

The book features 53 pages of detailed information on how to use Lightroom mobile, including lots of tips on how to get the most out of Adobe’s new remote tool. And it costs just $8! As near as I can tell, this is the first book about Lightroom mobile on the market.
(Update: Victoria Bampton, aka The Lightroom Queen, also released a book. Go buy her book, too!)

The book walks you through creating and syncing collections from the desktop version of Lightroom, as well as creating collections on the iPad itself (and why you’d want to do it). It also goes into detail about the app’s editing features, covers the many gestures used to speed things up, and more.

Here are some page samples. Buy it now (not-so-subtle-hint), and let me know what you think!

LRM ebook pages 03

LRM ebook pages 04

LRM ebook pages 01

LRM ebook pages 02

Lightroom mobile! Read my First Look article

Adobe has just released Lightroom mobile, an iPad app that synchronizes with Lightroom on the desktop and provides a great deal of editing capability on the iPad.

I wrote Macworld’s First Look about it. Adobe also wrote about the app on the company blog.

And here’s a first for me: I’m quoted in Adobe’s press release! (Yes, mine is one of the quotes that journalists often skim over, sometimes rolling their eyes as they do so.) The folks working with the development program for Lightroom mobile approached me, since I’m the author of The iPad for Photographers:

“Adobe Lightroom mobile transforms the way I am able to work with my photographs because now I can review and process photos when I’m comfortable and creative, and not just when I’m at my computer,” said Jeff Carlson, educator and author of The iPad for Photographers and Adobe Lightroom mobile: Your Lightroom on the Go. “It also works as a malleable photo portfolio on my iPad. As I add or remove images from a collection in Lightroom mobile or on the computer, the changes stay synchronized. When I need to show my work those photos are already set up to be viewed.”

I’ll definitely have more to say about Lightroom mobile soon, but Adobe’s posts and my First Look article are good places to start.

‘Meet the iPad & iPad mini’ ebook now available, just $2.99

Meet ipad 5ed ibookstore

Shortly after I wrapped up the manuscript for my book The iPad Air & iPad mini Pocket Guide, Fifth Edition, I updated the best-selling short ebook spinoff that Peachpit and I have released for several editions.

That title is now available as a $2.99 ebook: Meet the iPad & iPad mini. It’s the perfect introduction to any iPad running iOS 7 or later (that includes all iPad models except the original one), and at just $3 is perfect to give as a gift to someone who’s just getting started.

Buy it now from the iBooks Store, (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), or directly from Peachpit Press.

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I Just Gave Away 5 Copies of The iPad for Photographers Ebook

Giving stuff away feels good, even after Christmas, and I’m happy to say that five of my readers just received codes good for downloading the ebook copy of The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition! My continued thanks to the folks at Peachpit Press for providing the codes and to the readers who signed up already after reading my post “Support Good People, 2013” (which definitely carries over into the new year).

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Ipad photogs on ipad coffee

Ebook Deal of the Week: 50% Off The iPad for Photographers

Ebook deal of week2

[Alas, the deal has expired. However, you can still get the 45% off print books using the code CMPRI2013 and up to 60% off ebooks and videos using the code CMDIG2013 for Peachpit’s Cyber Monday deals.]

For this week only, The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition is Peachpit’s Ebook of the Week! Get the book at 50% off, just $9.99, through December 1.

The purchase includes EPUB, Mobi, and PDF files, so you can view the book in glorious full-color layout (PDF) or as reformatted flowed text with full-color photos (EPUB and Mobi) on any device.

The ebook version is also great as a reference in the field—you already have an iPad or iPad mini available while shooting, so you can read the book while you’re waiting for the sun to come up!

Announcing: Ebook of Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac

TCoDP coverIt’s a new book! I’m excited to announce that Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac is now available as a standalone ebook.

Although this was always destined to be a Take Control ebook, we turned it into a (highly successful) experiment. As I finished each chapter, we published it at TidBITS, with everything after Chapter 1 available only to TidBITS Members. The idea was to spur memberships and also get feedback on the work in progress. In fact, my original outline for the book included eight chapters, but I added a ninth after discussions with readers (“Migrate Photos to a Different App”). TidBITS members can continue to read the chapters online for free, or buy the ebook at 30% off (just $10.50!).

If you’re not familiar with it, the book tells you how to build a digital workflow to import, tag, rate, and organize your photos. From the page describing the book:

Why bother taking photos if you can’t find them later? If you want to be able to lay your hands on any given photo in your ever-expanding library, digital photography expert Jeff Carlson has developed a simple system you can use to make your photo collection browsable, searchable, and generally navigable!

The ebook includes the same content as the articles, updated here and there based on feedback and in the final editorial passes. All references to sections within the book are linked to make it easy to traverse the topics. Take Control does a great job making ebooks that are functional, easy to read, and easy to navigate.

Astute readers will notice that the title changed slightly: We added “on a Mac” to the end. Although the concepts and workflows I discuss aren’t platform-specific, the book does have a Mac focus for a couple of reasons:

Since the TidBITS readership is overwhelmingly comprised of Mac users, I made the assumption that many people would be coming from iPhoto and looking for other solutions, including Apple’s Aperture, which is Mac-only. (The other two applications I focus on, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, are cross-platform.) Also, there’s the question of scope: trying to include a lot of other Windows utilities would have increased the size. (I discuss my criteria for choosing a good photo-management application in the book.)

The second reason for the title change is simple marketing: Now that the book is available to anyone, not just Mac-focused TidBITS members, we didn’t want anyone to be disappointed to not find more Windows-specific topics.

For more behind-the-scenes information about how we published the book, tune in to an interview I did with Chuck Joiner for MacVoices: MacVoices #13177: Jeff Carlson Finishes Up Take Control of Your Digital Photos On A Mac.

Macvoices tcodp

I hope you purchase and enjoy the book. It’s an idea I’ve kicked around for several years, and writing it as a Take Control ebook turned out to be a particularly good fit. I want to thank Adam and Tonya Engst for publishing it, and especially my fantastic editor Kelly Turner for helping shape the text.

Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac is available now for $15 from Take Control Ebooks (with a 30% discount for TidBITS members). You can download PDF, EPUB, and Mobi (Kindle) versions to put on all your devices. I expect the book will also soon be available from the iBookstore.