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Buy The iPad for Photographers as a gorgeous print book, a convenient electronic version, or, of course, both. Click one of the following links:

Order The iPad for Photographers, Third Edition

The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition

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36 comments on “Buy the Book!

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    • The link should open in iTunes on your computer, or in the iBookstore (via iBooks) if you’re using an iOS device. I just tested it on my iPhone and the link worked. Let me know if you continue to run into trouble.

  4. It would make a lot of sense to make this book available in the Canadian store. It is NOT currently available there.

    • Argh, that’s frustrating. I hate region-based limitations like that. I’d suggest buying the electronic bundle from Peachpit directly, which gives you the PDF, EPUB, and Mobi (I think) versions. You can use iTunes to add the file(s) to iBooks. The downside is that you don’t get the same iCloud integration.

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  9. When you go to a bookstore and purchase a first edition you don’t get the second edition free a year or 2 later. It’s a good book and inexpensive.

    • I asked because the wording above tends to give the impression that there might possibly be something for current owners. “If you don’t already own the book, click one of the following links” begs the question “and if you do already own the book, what?” . There are many iBooks that offer a second edition free. “Paperless” by David Sparks is one example.

  10. If you don’t already own the book suggested to me that if I don’t own it and would like to buy it I should click on one of the links. I see how it could be confusing though. It does leave openings for interpretation.

  11. TBaucells, that’s a good point. And if this were just an ebook, that might be a possibility. However, it’s a print book published by a major publisher that also has ebook versions. So there isn’t as much flexibility as David enjoys being a one-man publisher.

    I do appreciate the feedback. I’ve edited the text and also removed the links to the first edition (since I can’t imagine anyone would want the old version). Thanks, to both you and Justin!

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    • Since the ebook hasn’t been created yet, Amazon doesn’t list one. I’ll add it when it’s available, and I’ve changed this page to be clearer. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    • I’d like that too. If anything, I’d write an entirely new book, since my publisher, Peachpit Press, is basically gone and didn’t have plans to bring out another edition before that.

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