Getting (i)Cloudy at The Seattle Times

My barber said, “I have too many clouds,” and I immediately sympathized. iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive…I have files stashed in all of them. What surprised me when I set about to write this week’s column for the Seattle Times, is that I’ve so effortlessly moved so much of my work and personal data to cloud-based services.

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, released last month, further entwine iCloud’s tendrils into everyday activities. In the column, I talk about how it enables me to control Philips Hue lights in my home from any remote location, unlock a Mac using my Apple Watch just by getting near it, and more.

Read the column here: Forecast: Increasing use of cloud services for just about everything.

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One comment on “Getting (i)Cloudy at The Seattle Times

  1. I have a home NAS device that has been my primary backup and long-term storage solution. But there’s very little support for these products beyond the desktop environment. It’s now EOL by the manufacturer, so I felt it necessary to close the ports forwarded by the router due to potential security issues.

    Since upgrading to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra I’ve upped my iCloud storage to 50GB, paying yet another monthly fee for cloud storage. I’d much rather pay Apple the same amount of monthly fees I’ll be paying over the next 2 years for a one time purchase of several TB of spinning disk storage on my home network. Especially now that my ISP is going to be rolling out monthly data limits next month.

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