PhotosApp.Expert on iPad Mobile Workflow

The iPad Pro is prompting us to revisit mobile photo workflows using an iPad, and PhotosApp.Expert has just published a great overview of options: The Quest for a Viable iOS RAW Workflow. Definitely check it out.

I have an article coming soon for Macworld about how the iPad Pro stacks up for iPhoto photo workflows; I’ll post a link when it’s published.

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3 comments on “PhotosApp.Expert on iPad Mobile Workflow

  1. Jeff,

    Any details on being able to use custom color profiles on the iPad? I would like to give the iPad another try in the field because of the overall reliability of the device. I currently use an inexpensive Asus tablet that runs Photoshop Creative Cloud. I can install a custom color profile but I much prefer the interface of the iPad. Is it possible to install a custom color profile? Thanks so much!

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