Available Now: Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Canon EOS M Great Shots sRGB 150pxI’m hard at work on the second edition of The iPad for Photographers, but in the meantime I’m proud to announce that the book I just completed, Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots, is now available! Over at jeffcarlson.com, I wrote about why this title is especially important to me as a photographer.

Here’s a secret: If you really want to learn about something, write a book about it. Even if you know the material—in my case, digital photography—it’s another thing to turn around and teach that knowledge. You’ll gain a deeper knowledge, guaranteed.

Feedback for the Second Edition

I’m currently working on the second edition of The iPad for Photographers and would love to get your feedback. What’s missing? What needs more detail? What needs to be jettisoned?

I have my own lists, of course. For example, the next edition will include more detail about working wirelessly, using devices like the CamRanger and CameraMator, and will include the information about iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Touch that had to appear in an addendum (because the book was literally being printed when Apple announced the third-generation iPad and iPhoto).

Speaking of the second edition, you can pre-order the book now: iPad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in your Camera Bag (2nd Edition)

Reply in the comments here, or email me at jeff@necoffee.com. Thanks in advance!