My Hands-On Report on the iPad mini

I flew down to San Jose yesterday to watch Apple’s introduction of the iPad mini, but more importantly, to get some hands-on time with the new device before it arrives next week. I like it, and will be ordering one when pre-orders begin on Friday. Read about my experience using the iPad mini in the Seattle Times: “iPad mini looks like a good fit.”

Also, a bit of fun. Here’s a photo (taken by Macworld’s Dan Moren) of me and Apple CEO Tim Cook shortly after he appeared to do a photo op in the demo room. I asked him if the build process for the iPad mini is the same as the iPhone 5. He said it’s similar.

Jeff and tim cook ipad mini

A Nice Dropbox Update for iPad

I hate seeing the little number on the App Store icon that indicates software updates are available, so I try to keep my iPad’s software updated regularly. Today, I saw a welcome addition to the mobile version of Dropbox:

“Full-size photos used when printing and saving to the camera roll”

Whenever possible, I want every app to use the full-sized version of any photo (or give me a very clear indication of how I can choose a size), so this is good news.

Dropbox 1.5.6 Update

Derrick Story Offers the Ultimate Workflow for iPhoto for iOS

Over at Macworld, multi-hyphenate Derrick Story offers the “ultimate workflow” for processing photos using iPhoto on the iPad.

A growing number of enthusiast photographers are traveling with iPads instead of laptops. The lighter weight, thinner body, and WiFi + Cellular connectivity of an iPad (if you go that route) makes for a good companion on the road.

But just because you leave the computer at home doesn’t mean that you should ignore it when you return. Its greater horsepower and storage options make it a better choice for managing large photo libraries.

Watch my Photo Club Webcast

The replay of my Peachpit Photo Club webcast is now live. See how to wirelessly transfer photos from any camera to the iPad — live! Watch as I edit photos in iPhoto for iOS! Marvel at how I can start the presentation without realizing that I hadn’t yet shared my screen with the rest of the webcast! (Whoops. Thanks to my wonderful editor for breaking in and pointing that out. It’s just the first couple of minutes.)

I had a great time doing this presentation — enough to consider doing this type of thing more often. Maybe a few Google+ hangouts going into more depth on some features? Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see.

CLick here to access the presentation.