Photosmith 2 Now Available—Go Get It

Photosmith Icon

After a lot of work, Photosmith 2 is now finally available for sale at the App Store! The app costs $19.99, which sounds steep compared to many apps, but is a great deal when you consider that Photosmith is still the only one that lets you rate, tag, and assign other metadata to your photos on the iPad, and then import them all—metadata intact—into Photoshop Lightroom. If you previously owned Photosmith 1.0, the update is free!

I’ve mentioned it before: Being able to write about Photosmith 2 (which was in an early pre-alpha stage at the time) greatly improved my book, allowing me to address one of the big holes in iPad photo workflows. I’m happy that pretty much everything in the book is still valid in the shipping version of Photosmith (with the temporary exception of GoFlex Satellite support).

The app is great, and Chris, Chris, and Nico (as well as others who are helping them out) have done a great job with it. What are you waiting for? Go download it now!

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