Pre-order The iPad for Photographers, Third Edition!

iPad for Photographers Third EditionHot on the presses, the third edition of The iPad for Photographers is done and being printed! I can’t wait for you to see the finished version, which has been updated to cover iOS 7, more wireless options, Lightroom mobile, a dedicated workflow chapter, and more. I also had fun re-shooting many of the chapter opener images. Based on typical printing, ebook conversion, and distribution schedules, the new edition should be available mid-June. Pre-order it now.

Chapter 7 opener

Available Now: Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Canon EOS M Great Shots sRGB 150pxI’m hard at work on the second edition of The iPad for Photographers, but in the meantime I’m proud to announce that the book I just completed, Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots, is now available! Over at, I wrote about why this title is especially important to me as a photographer.

Here’s a secret: If you really want to learn about something, write a book about it. Even if you know the material—in my case, digital photography—it’s another thing to turn around and teach that knowledge. You’ll gain a deeper knowledge, guaranteed.

128 GB iPad Is Great for Photographers

Apple announced today that the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display will be available in a 128 GB model, doubling the former top capacity model for just $100 more. The Wi-Fi model costs $799, and the Wi-Fi + Cellular model costs $929. Both will be available starting February 5 in black and white. No other specifications for the iPad change.

The capacity bump is significant for photographers who want to store and review a lot of images in the field. Apple is also targeting this configuration for other professional users, emphasizing areas that need lots of storage such as architecture and music editing and creation. (See Adam Engst’s take in TidBITS: “Apple Aims New 128 GB iPad at Professional Users.”

My OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide Now Available!

OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide cover

This doesn’t directly relate to the iPad and photography, but I’m excited to announce that my latest book, OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide, is now available. It covers all of Apple’s new operating system, is packed as full of tips as I could make it, and all in just 264 pages. Best of all, the print is and Kindle editions are just $10, and the iBookstore ebook is just $4.99! (Update: The Kindle edition is now just $4.99!)

Even if you already know everything about OS X, I’m sure you have a friend or relative that can benefit from the information. (I wrote about Mountain Lion in my latest Seattle Times column, which was published a few days before the update became available: Pros and cons of pouncing on Apple’s Mountain Lion update.)

Here are links to buy the book:

“…the most exciting new book I’ve read this year”

Photographer Ron Martinsen (who I mentioned the other day about working with the Eye-Fi wireless memory card) has written a glowing review of The iPad for Photographers, where he not only expresses his opinion of the book as a whole, but also breaks down his thoughts on a chapter-by-chapter basis, too: Review: The iPad for Photographers — Read This Book!

Martinsen, who received a review copy of the book and anticipated that it would end up as leveling tool for a bookcase, writes: “This is the most exciting new book I’ve read this year. I’ve been a huge fan of my new iPad and Flipboard (aka iOS Crack), but this book really transformed it from a time wasting toy to a business assistance tool. I give this book my highest recommendation and that comes from someone who thought this book would be a waste of money!”

Go read the whole thing.